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Pre-Departure COVID-19 Travel Testing – Rapid Antigen Tests (Lateral Flow) and PCR Tests

Here to make testing simple

With as little as a nasal swab for the Rapid Antigen test or a finger prick blood sample for the Rapid Antibody test you can have your results in less than 15 minutes, please contact our team or make a booking today.

How the YourTest kit works?

We offer a very simple 3 step process to get fast results using our YourTest kits

  1. Collect sample using a nasal swab
  2. Insert nasal swab into a solution
  3. Insert solution into the test kit

    Results available within 15 minutes


The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic in March 2020 and continues to provide advice on precautionary ways to stop the spread of the disease. We are all expected to do our part in stopping the spread of the virus by;

  • Limiting contact with others, regular hand washing, wearing of face coverings, good social distancing & practicing good etiquette for sneezing, coughing etc;
  • Adherence to local government restrictions 

It is believed up to a staggering 80% of cases are mild or have no symptoms (asymptomatic) therefore one could be infected with the virus and not be aware unwittingly potentially infecting people around them, this presents a substantial challenge in controlling and mitigating the disease

How we can help

At Your Test we offer;
  1. The Rapid Antigen Test (Lateral Flow) Which could tell you if you are currently infected with the virus asymptomatically*
  2. PCR Travel Test (Can take upto 24hrs for results)**
  3. The Rapid Antibody Test Which could satisfy your curiosity by revealing if you have developed antibodies in response to the virus previously***
  Both our Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test and our Rapid COVID-19 Antibody test produce results within 15 minutes and require only a swab sample (for the Antigen test) and a blood sample (for the Antibody test).
*asymptomatic testing only, if you display any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, self-isolate straight away and book your free test with the NHS ** When using this service for travel, the customer is responsible for checking the Covid-19 test meets the requirements in accordance with their destination of travel. You can check the government website by clicking here  *** It is not yet known whether a previous infection to coronavirus provides immunity. Where a positive result of an antibody test occurs, the latest government guidance on isolation and quarantining should be followed.  

What sets us apart?


We want to look after personal

and business customers


Personal approach, not faceless, 

on hand to support you


Guarantee a result at

no extra cost


Rapid result within 

15 minutes


Convenience – we can come to your premises, utilise our mobile testing unit or we can post the tests to you and provide training & support to your dedicated medical professional




Competitive Pricing


Partnership approach with our

clients, we’re in this together

Who we can help

Personal Customers

In these uncertain times we are all learning how to live with COVID-19, we are searching for ways to take back control and thrive not only to co-exist with it, we want to flourish and get on with our daily lives the best way we can. We have a dedicated team waiting to welcome asymptomatic personal and business clients.

Business Customers

For our business customers YourTest will work in partnership with your business to enable you to get a full appraisal of COVID-19 penetration within your workforce, also providing early detection of any pockets of infection giving you the ability to take back control in these uncertain times.

– Know who had the virus already
– Know who has it now asymptomatically
– Pinpoint potential hotspots for infection and implement alternative working arrangements if necessary thereby mitigating the risk of infection to the wider staff population.

YourTest can carry out our screening programme at your premises, our static or mobile clinic for your convenience or we can train your dedicated medical/occupational health representative to administer our tests.

We are ready and waiting to help you, competitive quotations available upon request.

Travel Testing

If using this service to travel, the customer is responsible for checking the COVID-19 test requirements in accordance with the destination of travel.

Slide “The team in Yourtest are truly professional and excellent to work with,
they go above and beyond to provide us with everything
we needed to make our programme a success.”
What our clients say – YourTest Client
Slide “The team were excellent in coming on site with a registered nurse and guiding us with the training
and safe use of Rapid Antigen Testing. Yourtest supplied all the appropriate PPE and the testing kits were
very straight forward and easy to use.”
– Yourtest Client What our clients say
Slide “With the help of yourtest we have been able to successfully test over 150 employees/visitors and this has
been a huge success. Yourtest’s service complimented our own procedures. This added testing has given
our business the confidence to carry on with production during our busiest time of the year.”
– Yourtest Client What our clients say
Slide We were delighted with the professional safe environment provided by
Your test to test our employees. The speed and quality of the testing give us quick reassurance
and ensured the safety within our working environment
– Yourtest Client What our clients say